Revenge. Family. TV.



…inspired by fever dreams, too much pop culture, point and click adventures, and modern indie marvels. Each assassination begins with a dossier containing clues about the target. After studying the materials given, it is your job to identify and assassinate. But remember you only get one shot.

A Photojournalist

Be the Paparazzi you always dreamt to be.

Stalk, look for memes long forgotten, or even hidden secrets that are hidden in your closet.

With just a click they’ll be with you forever.

A compelling story

They murdered your wife. They kidnapped your daughter.

And they took your TV.

Uncover the events that will lead you through this 8-chapter extraordinary experience.

Mobile Phone

From the company that brought you the Pad, we bring you the Phone: Featuring the phone that can’t call! The direct competitor to the L-Phone 100S with tons of apps at your finger tips! Accept jobs, book Tsupers, check the bank, buy data and lootboxes, read messages, check the weather, and many more.


Just don’t forget to clean your phone’s RAM.

The Flat Earth

Achieve your millennial dreams by traveling around all-over the Flat Earth!

It’s simple! Just fire up your Tsuper app, choose one from 12 different places to visit, then book a driver. And, don’t forget to 5-star the driver!


Tired of swiping left and right to find the love of your life?

How about you swipe right, kill that virtual hooman, and earn some cash?

Only here at Huntr, the social network for hunters.

The art of Exfiltration

Solve the puzzle? Check.

Kill the target? Check.

Escape the police? Exfiltrate.

Turn right, and then, turn left. In 200 meters, straight ahead.

Use your navigation skills with this high-speed car chase and live your life as a free man, just like in the movies.